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The Best Doctors

At Howden Medical Clinic in Brampton we carefully select our staff memebers.

Care About All Clients

We are open seven days a week with extended hours.

Community Friendly Clinic

We are committed to our community health promotion and well-being.


Have some Questions?

Please click here to view hours of operation.

Our pride is to be consistent with our work hours; but due to unpredictable circumstances like sickness of our physician or patient volume, we may need to change the hours.

You can inquire in person, or register through our website. You need to enter all required info. Registering does not guarantee accepting you to the practice. Your acceptance will be confirmed by contacting you only. One of our team members will contact you in this case.

You can walk-in and register to be seen by one of our physicians in Urgent Care or you can request an appointment using the website. Second option does not mean you will be seen with no waiting time. Also, that is a request for an appointment and does not guarantee that an appointment is granted. A valid Health Card is necessary for registering. Only the card owner can register himself/herself unless the patient is a minor. Old Health Cards with no photo will be accepted only with a valid matching photo ID.

We have a policy for canceling/ rescheduling appointment of minimum 24 hours notice. Failure to do so will not be fair to patients unable to see our physician. There is no show fee if we are not informed more than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

You will see our staff before seeing our physician. Your confidentiality is a priority for us; However, you will be asked by staff about your reason of visit and a short history and preliminary physical exams like measuring weight, height, temperature, and blood pressure will be done by staff. Our staff are well trained and they may help our physician in some procedures.

Our clinic will generally see patients based on first come first serve. There may be exceptions like urgencies or fast procedures like injections, wart treatments and dressing changes.

We usually do not contact the patient when the test results are normal. But if you like to get the results you need to come in person. Results will not be given over the phone due to confidentiality of our patients. Also, test results will be given only to the patient and not a family member unless a written authorization has been previously given and signed by the patient to that specific person. In this case, the person receiving the information is liable to transfer the results to the patient. The doctor will not be liable in this case. But if the patient has more concerns and wants to discuss the results further, we will be happy to discuss it in person with the patient.

Non-Canadians will be seen with a valid ID. The fee paid is only for that visit and does not include following visits, medications, tests, and probable specialists’ referrals.