That’s what our physician at the clinic asked us to write on the website:

I don’t usually share my stories happening daily but this is what I heard today from a 5 year old girl who understood me more than anyone else and more importantly she could verbalize it in the cutest way possible; I could not stop myself in sharing this with all.

I was at the reception of the clinic today. Rebecca, a pretty, smart and cute girl, came forward and said, “ Doctor, I have a question. Are you the only doctor working in this clinic?” (She had seen me working everyday in the clinic for the past few months.) I answered, “Yes, sweetie.” She replies without hesitation: “ It is devastating!”

Then inside the room she offered to help me in the clinic and I thanked her and again she replied before heading out of the room,” Thank you doctor for hiring me.”

I’ve never seen any human this much understating, caring and appreciative as Rebecca in my life. I’m sure she was sincere in her heart as kids are so honest without expecting any rewards from us!

Dr. AK