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Diet and Hypertension

The combination of reduced sodium intake and the DASH diet lowered SBP throughout the range of pre- and stage 1 hypertension, with progressively greater reductions at higher levels of baseline SBP. SBP reductions in adults with the highest levels of SBP (=150 mm Hg) were striking and reinforce the importance of both sodium reduction and...


Smoking Cessation

Observational studies suggest that the elevated vascular risk induced by cigarette smoking can be decreased by quitting, and reversed after 5 years of abstinence. The success of a quit attempt can be enhanced by the use of a cessation aid. Options available include: nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) (gum, patch, inhalers, lozenges), bupropion and varenicline. While widely promoted...


Important Safety Information on ALESSE 21 and ALESSE 28: Packages Containing Broken or Split Tablets

Health Canada and Pfizer Canada Inc. have received reports for packages of ALESSE 21 and ALESSE 28 where the blister packages contained a single active (pink) tablet that was broken. This could reduce the dose of hormones and potentially result in an unintended pregnancy due  to insufficient action of the contraceptive hormones levonorgestrel and ethinyl...


Opioid Use

Health Canada strengthens safety information for all opioid drugs Health Canada held a Scientific Advisory Panel on Opioid Use and Contraindications, to consider whether the current contraindications for opioid use are sufficient, or whether labelling updates and other actions may be needed to reduce risks to Canadians. After thoroughly assessing the Panel’s recommendations, Health Canada is...


Check this great website to help you quit smoking. Here at the Howden Medical Clinic we offer some services in the clinic or resources outside to kick this habit. It is never too late! Knowledge is power but motivation and determination is an additional necessary factor!

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