Screen for Colon Cancer !

Colorectal Cancer Canada(CCC) states Colorectal Cancer (CRC) deaths are continuing to decline in Canada. This is likely due to improvements in treatment and diagnosis. The decline in CRC death rates are consistent with a relatively large contribution from screening and with a smaller impact of risk factor reductions.

CRC develops from precancerous polyps. Screening tests can find polyps and remove them before they turn into cancer or can find CRC at an early stage when full recovery is very high.

Unfortunately, approximately 9400 Canadians will still die from this disease this year (54% men , 46% women). CRC is the second leading cause of cancer related death

When detected early there is a >90% chance of curing CRC.

Colonoscopy not only detects cancer but also prevents cancer by removing polyps that could become cancerous. Alternative to Colonoscopy is doing stool test for blood called fecal occult blood test  (FOBT).